High Performance Coaching Program

The Rise

Let's get your motivation back.

Whatever your situation, you are not alone.

Speaking with many professionals who have been made redundant or placed in government programs, it became clear that there is a need for people to get coached on their next step, rising strong after a fall. Unfortunately working with a coach one-to-one or joining a mastermind can be really expensive.

An affordable solution.

I created this program because I want to provide some positive energy to all of you who are trying to get your motivation back. This is a way to provide you with the coaching that you need to hit the pause button, reflect and plan ahead. The community is a real bonus, for you to feel surrounded, meet new people, and feel supported to rise up. This program is only £29 for an entire month of coaching and I will be giving 5 spaces for people in dire need who cannot afford it.
Cristelle Delaporte
Hello, welcome to New Gen Coaching!
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What you get

Let's learn grow and rise together!
  • Coaching workshops every Saturday for a month
  • Every week covers a different topic
  • Workshops are held online via Zoom
  • Bonus - a Facebook Group will be available to connect with other members of the program
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This program is only £29 for an entire month of coaching.
I will be offering 5 free places for people who are out of work and in dire need of this program but cannot afford it - please register your interest and let me know this applies to your current situation.
Topics covered in the June program:
  • Effective goal setting
  • Reframing negative beliefs
  • Owning your confidence
  • Raising your self-worth
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Common Questions

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Join the new generation of leaders.

After attending the UPW in 2018 I decided to take a coach on board to accelerate my goals. New Gen Coaching has delivered great results and I have just signed up to another year. Cristelle is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend to anyone who is eager to progress in all levels.
The work Cristelle has done with me has changed my life for the better and I am beginning to feel that I can achieve anything in life I set my mind to.
Coaching with Cristelle has been an amazing experience. She is very friendly and easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable to talk about anything. She was very good at challenging my thinking process and encouraged me to use positive affirmations which really made a difference to my journey. Thank you!
Cristelle's an awesome person and coach, would 100% recommend!
I cannot describe how invaluable these sessions were, the positive feeling they gave me and the successful outcomes they fostered in helping me improve both my home life and work environment. I came away from each session with clear goals and ways of achieving them.
I really enjoyed coaching with Cristelle. She is a pleasure to work with, has a very night and insightful way of asking questions and make you think. Our sessions gave me more confidence in my actions and thoughts.
Incredibly valuable. I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Cristelle. She helped me focus my thoughts in a pro-active, positive way that felt achievable. I always felt she was listening closely to what I was saying and her feedback felt individual to me. There were some definite breakthrough moments.
Highly recommend New Gen Coaching. Cristelle is fantastic. I really have much clearer picture following our time together.