Your Coach

I'm Cristelle.

I'm dedicated to help ambitous professionals find confidence and fulfilment in their 9-5.

If 1/3 of your life is spent at work, let's make it matter.

Entrepreneurship is the trend.
Starting a business or being self-employed is easier than ever with the rise of technology. However, even if increasingly common, not everyone wants to or is ready to be an entrepreneur.
Having a full-time career has benefits.
Your career may consist of 40-hours per week and a predictable pay-check. Business owners have less work/life balance, often work longer hours, with difficulties to switch off and varying income.
Finding and fulfilling your career ambition.
Whether you aspire to own your business one day, there are strategies and tools you can gain today to build confidence and find fulfilment in your day-to-day career. That's my ambition for you.
Let's not be strangers

I'm a tech professional too.

Full-time, I'm a Product Marketing Lead for a global marketing platform. In 2016, I moved from working in the Fashion industry as Digital Marketing Manager to working in the Tech world.

More of us are working in this ever expanding industry, and the speed in technology advancements is definitely keeping us all on our toes.

We have to be flexible, fast learners, and working across timezones comfortably.
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Why Coaching?

Working in Tech, I knew that coaching works and wanted my fellow tech professionals to experience it too. I studied hard, got certified as a Coach and NLP Practitioner, and set up New Gen Coaching Ltd.

What about New Gen Coaching?

For the past 3 years, I've coached 40+ ambitious professionals to find and fulfil their career ambitions while living a life they are proud of.

I've worked with them on a wide range of topics from gaining confidence, stepping up to management roles, and nailing job transitions.

My clients' journeys inspire me.

I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing my clients grow in confidence and achieve things they never thought could be possible.